Month: January 2015

Radical Environmentalists and the Lawsuit Chokehold

Posted by in Progressivism, Public Lands, Radical Environmentalism

Environmental organizations have made a business of suing the Federal Government over its mismanagement of public lands.

Why the Cuba Deal Is Bad for Cuba

Posted by in Communism, Foreign Policy

Opening markets cannot magically transform totalitarian regimes into democracies — at least, not as long as the rulers maintain a stranglehold over civil society.

Old Sarge on Tortured Liberal Logic

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, liberalism

Demonstrations staged by the left nearly always turn violent, and the threats by Occupy Wall Street to haul politicians and business people out and hang them bothered not a single Democrat.

Colorado Agency Plays Fast and Loose with Unauthorized Funds

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Government Agencies

Last year, CDHS hired 53 new staff members for juvenile detention facilities, spending $1.2 million it had left over from contract placements, and hired 30 staff members, at an annual cost of $2.4 million, for the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo.

The Monster that Ate the American Education System

Posted by in Education, Public Schools

Although I am using Vollmer’s list in it’s original form, my purpose in using it is not to support the growth of government-run education, but instead to reveal how many parental responsibilities have been taken up by public schools.

Old Sarge on the Delusional State of the POTUS

Posted by in New American Feminism

Hull would have immediately attempted to visit the Tojo government of Imperial Japan to let Bing Crosby sing the Japanese Imperial Staff a love song.

When Federal “Protection” of Public Lands does More Harm than Good

Posted by in Federal Agency Overreach, Western Resources

Monument-backers know Browns Canyon has been managed since 1980 as a wilderness study area. That’s just about the highest level of protection a piece of federal land can get.

Gouged by Government Green Energy Schemes

Posted by in Energy Policy, Green Energy

None of these “renewable energy” subsidies to harvest the sun’s rays will have more than a tiny impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

When Education and Indoctrination Collide

Posted by in New American Feminism

Liebman directed his students to stand in front of the pro-energy citizens and block them by holding up their “ban fracking” signs, which they did. He then took out a camera and snapped a number of photographs of them doing so.

Solar Power’s not so Sunny Truth

Posted by in Energy Policy, Renewables, Solar Energy

Ivanpah Solar Energy Facility, winner of the 2014 Renewable Energy Project of the Year, has, for example, already cost more than $1.5 billion.

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