Month: October 2014

DHS Zombie Scenarios: Designed to Desensitize?

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, Preppers, Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone should be alarmed when government agencies which brand military veterans, people of faith, and Conservatives as potential “domestic terrorists” begins to use moving, breathing, human targets as fodder in their para-military drills.

Crunching the Numbers on Russian Nukes

Posted by in National Defense, National Security, Nukes

Although China has a much larger nuclear arsenal than the DOD and arms control advocates are prepared to admit, Russia remains the principal nuclear and geopolitical adversary of the US.

Blowing Smoke: Why Pot it NOT the Same as Alcohol

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, Alcoholism, Medical Marijuana, mental illness

The essential consideration that disqualifies cannabis as the moral equivalent of alcohol is human tradition, especially Western tradition. Alcohol is found everywhere and virtually every culture has a set of traditions which dictate its use.

Mark Udall: Married to Extreme Environmentalism

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Energy, Environmentalism

The Maggie Fox-Udall resume’ is rife with examples of extremist leanings. But it should come as no surprise. Udall is known first as an environmentalist and obstructionist of western energy projects.

The Best of the Worst: Claudette Konola

Posted by in Colorado Politics

Every so often you find a liberal Democrat who ditched Public Image boot camp, and instead of tucking away less-than-statesmanlike impulses, just lets it all hang out to flap in the wind.

Are Colorado Democrat 527 Groups Breaking the Law?

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Democrats

Close inspection of a set of Democratic-supporting 527 groups raises a number of questions about both the mechanics and the politics of the Colorado Democracy Alliance’s decade-old strategy.

Mark Udall, Joe Salazar Advocates Condone Colorado Vote Fraud

Posted by in Campaigns, Colorado Politics, Vote Fraud

Campaign workers for Colorado Democrats Mark Udall and Joe Salazar condone voter fraud in damning video.

The Secret BLM Plan to Close Off 140 Million Acres

Posted by in Environmentalism, Federal Agency Overreach, Public Lands

The BLM, in concert with other agencies such as the National Park Service and Forest Service, plans to shut off roughly 1/10 of open American lands to human activity.

Western Colorado Bureaucrat uses Hippie Dippy “Facilitator” to Corral Ranchers in Glade Park

Posted by in First Amendment, Range Wars

Despite unyielding public opposition to her plan, Eckert continues to spend thousands on expensive “facilitators” to moderate and report on her “listening sessions.”

A Few Steps to Stopping Ebola in the United States

Posted by in Emergency Preparedness, Epidemics

Hemorrhagic fever viruses such as Ebola have been widely discussed as a biological weapon. Deliberate introduction of such a weapon, whether in a warhead or a human vector, would be an act of war and a crime against humanity. Protection of our population is a matter of national security.

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