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Defending God and Religion Against Savage Secularists

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Without agency, we are not human. If we are not human, but mere bundles of sensations and appetite, then anything is permissible, and a cosmos where anything is permissible is a cosmos of darkness, chaos, and oblivion. For Atheists to doubt the existence of God, they must in turn doubt that they exist at all.

April 30, 1975: The Amazing Escape and Rescue of Bung Ly

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Midway refugees

There was little deliberation and almost instantaneous action by Captain Chambers who ordered that all of the arresting wires drawn across the deck in order to reduce the speed of the landing jets be removed. He did not hesitate to order every available seaman on deck to move as many helicopters as possible to one side of the ship. Any aircraft impeding the ingress of the little Bird-dog and its invaluable cargo would be pushed overboard and into the sea.

Fall of Saigon: The Deadly Peace of 1975

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killer hippies

I am writing these books so that Vietnam Veteranss can set their grand children on their knees and open the pages to an era, not of shame or failure, but of heroism, goodness, and Military victories, during the Vietnam War.

Is Cliven Bundy a Racist or Just an Inarticulate Old Fart?

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In 2014 many black communities face high crime, dangerous and poor-performing schools, and generations of impoverished families headed by unmarried women. If Cliven Bundy was actually talking about what he deems the virtues of slavery, well then, he’s just an ignorant old fool.

Government Agency Bully Threatens to Kill Colorado New Media Reporters

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“Have you ever felt like going on a murderous rampage? Start at @WatchdogCO’s offices,” Crosby tweeted while on the job at NREL. “They perpetuate lies like this.”

Gagging Doctors and Counselors: The Ban on “Gay to Straight” Therapy

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Children are the most likely individuals to be beset with confusion about their sexual identity. The years prior to adulthood are also the best time to help a confused child navigate that confusion, and with proper models and guidance, connect with the true identity that will ensure they have the best shot at lasting happiness and satisfaction.

Unproductive CU Professors: Fat and Happy in Boulder

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In the past academic year, nearly a full third of the professors at CU, Boulder did not teach at all.

Ziggy’s Rebuttal of Jack Matlock’s Blame America First lies and those about Reagan

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Matlock also claims the US did not really win the Cold War or cause the USSR’s collapse. Furthermore, he claims in his book that Ronald Reagan’s sole (and secondary) contribution to ending the Cold War was supposedly abandoning the hawkish policies of his first term.

Are you a Defender of God and Truth?

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Authentic faith in the God of Creation requires bold action. It is not an unseemly or immoral thing to stand fast and hard against the evils of our time-the closing hours of the latter-days. It is God who spurs the principled impulse to withstand the lies that threaten our families, our freedom, and faith itself.

Medicare fraud: $97 Million for Mentally Ill Patients to Watch Movies, Play Games

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Spectrum ran a partial hospitalization program for people with severe mental illnesses in need of intensive therapy and ongoing care.

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