Month: February 2014

Colorado Pot Shops: Welfare to “Weedfare”

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During the first month of Colorado’s experiment with legal marijuana, welfare beneficiaries withdrew thousands of dollars in public-assistance cash from ATMs at weed shops, according to records obtained by National Review Online.

GOP Survival Depends on Engaging the Millenial Libertarians

Posted by in Libertarians, Millenial Generation, Politics

Millenial Libertarians, most of whom have sound moral instincts, are disgusted with politics as usual, and they resent the damage to our economy and culture brought on by the Baby Boomers; in particular the massive growth and repressive nature of governing bodies. Their primary political philosophy is based simply on the desire to live free without government constantly in their business.

Pop-culture Heroes vs a Real Hero of the Vietnam War

Posted by in Veterans, Vietnam War

Although Captain Ed Freeman died in the Spring of 2008, Wild Bill uses his story as a contrast against the backdrop of a culture that increasingly ignores real heroes, while elevating sports stars, celebrities who are known for being celebrities, and vociferous but inconsequential political figures.

The Sacred Stewardship of Beauty and Health

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The stewardship of beauty and health is tied to an encompassing attitude of reverence. Reverence for God’s creation, especially of the human ilk, is closely tied to religion.

The Link Between Teachers Unions and Educational Decline

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Teachers unions do block reforms that would benefit kids. Policies they favor degrade education, such as firing and hiring teachers according only to how long they’ve been in a particular school rather than their quality or area of expertise.

Children as Pawns in the “Transgender” Rights Movement

Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, Family

It is fast becoming a social norm to believe that gender is a self-identified characteristic. Again, this is outrageous, without basis nor precedent, and the imposition of such a fallacy on the lives of young children by politicians and parents who have a “tolerance” agenda, will ultimately prove ruinous to youngsters as well as the greater society.

Fighting to Restore Local Control to Colorado Schools

Posted by in Education

A growing number of parents are refusing to submit their students to the volume of testing mandated by the State. Currently, parents exercising their right to control the education of their children in this way jeopardizes the accreditation of the schools and the districts.

Silencing the Message of Repentance in Churches

Posted by in Homosexuality, Religion

Any church which chooses to silence its message of real repentance stands for little, and probably won’t stand for long.

The Art of Being Irresistible

Posted by in Children, Special Education, Spirituality

Teresa, with her cognitive deficits, her physical struggles, and the barriers placed by nature and social stigma between her and what most regard as fulfillment, are not quite as daunting when measured against her ability to connect with another’s heart.

Extending Unemployment Insurance: Band-aid to Hemorrhaging Economy

Posted by in New American Feminism

“The economy grows when individuals and businesses succeed in recognizing new markets and new opportunities in the hope of earning income.”

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