Month: January 2014

Call It What It Is!

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But Americans bought it, and like a spiritual analgesic, the idea that each woman has the right to choose what to do with her body, numbed our collective conscience to the brutal, painful, and bloody nature of abortion.

Obamacare: Bringing You the Things You Wish You Could Unsee

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Exercise guru Richard Simmons is seen gyrating on the floor and hugging a contortionist who is kneeling with his buttocks in the air.

Vietnam: War Abroad, Skirmishes at Home

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He jabbed his finger into our mutual acquaintance’s chest and said loudly, “Why don’t you just shut up! At least he’s got the guts to do something about what he believes in! What’s your cause, Fats, besides ruining people’s evenings?”

Will America Survive the Age of Obama?

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Most would agree as well that America is navigating the most perilous arc in that predictable cycle of glory and destruction that has claimed in some measure every significant society the world has ever known.

Obesity in America and the Nanny State

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This is a huge waste of dollars not just because the government is top-heavy and inefficient, but because the cause of obesity in America is obvious to even the casual observer. The government makes people fat, end of story. How this occurs is slightly more complex, but a typical 8th grader–the equivalent of a 2nd grader in the 1950s–can follow this reasoning.

Darwin’s Hammer: Who Survives an EMP Event?

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An EMP would disable the electrical grid in the United States and Canada, appliances, lights, vehicles, medical equipment, portable electronic devices, and nearly all forms of communication for an indefinite period of time.

Playing Chicken With Our Public Lands

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In limbo is the question of whether the lesser prairie-chicken should be listed as a “threatened” species under provisions of the 1973 Endangered Species Act. The species inhabits land spanning Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.

Democrats’ Contempt for the Disabled

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The disabled, such as Giffords, are exploited by Democrats to showcase their “we’re for the little people” bleeding heart schmaltz. But if a person with a disability is a Republican, or the child of a Conservative such as Trig Palin, they are prey to the contempt and political opportunism of Democrats.

Will Colorado Kindergartners be Exposed to Contraceptives and Homosexuality?

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Human sexuality cannot be taught in a moral vacuum. It is the most sensitive and important topic that a child will ever learn about, and as such, should be taught in the home by loving caretakers, who wish to impart their moral worldview to their child.

Marijuana: Chemical Disarmament

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What Libertarians didn’t count on was they way legalizing pot would shore up the current efforts in blue states, and at the federal level, to incrementally disarm Americans–that is to literally take away their firearms and leave them passive and without means of defense against either criminals, foreign invaders, or their own government.

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