Month: December 2013

Pushing Back Against Perversity

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Liberals judge people only by their superficial aspects such as race, sexual-orientation, income, and gender. Conservatives believe that people are defined, and should be judged, according to their actions which derive from the content of their character.

#TopTen Zombie New Year’s Resolutions: 2014

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Buy Rosetta Stone “Moan, Wail and Groan in Japanese” edition to expand my communication abilities’s Scariest People of 2013 Countdown: No’s 2-4

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Washington, D.C., might be packed full of shady characters, but it hardly has a monopoly on these questionable personalities. We should be thankful, we supposed, because these folks keep us employed. Here are some of the top entries in’s Scariest People of 2013 list:’s “Scariest People of 2013″ Countdown, Nos. 8-5

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We live for the chance to find that breaking story and pass it along. We also relish finding the bad dudes and letting you know about them so you can make wise choices at the ballot boxes.

Nightmare Nursery Rhyme: The Mess that Obama Built

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This is the mess that Obama built. This is the law underlying the mess that Obama built. These are the Democrats who voted for the law underlying the mess that Obama built.

Colorado Rep., Ray Scott, Confronts Hickenlooper’s War on Jobs

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Western Colorado is on life support. Businesses are closing – between the 4th Quarter of 2008 and the 4th quarter of 2012, Mesa County experienced a net loss of 620 businesses – unemployment is high (up from 3.8% in 2008 to 7% in 2013 – an increase of over 80%), our labor pool has all but disappeared, and the need for public assistance is straining local and state resources. These are not empty claims; the data I am including supports each statement.’s “Scariest People of 2013” Countdown

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By now, you’ve probably thought about the gifts you’d like to return. That belt is a little too tight, especially after all the Christmas candy. And those slippers? Yeah, yuck. At some point today, you’ll head out to return all those things and buy what you wish you had received.
Too bad you can’t return politicians and bureaucrats just as easily.

Why Homosexual Identity Should Not Be Applied to Children

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All children experience emotional and social vacillations during adolescence, usually ages 12 to 18, during which experimentation with relationship roles and personal identity occurs. It’s not until early adulthood, and sometimes later, that individuals become set in the identity that determines personal direction, purpose, affiliations, and belief systems.

Santa Claus’ Evil Twin: Santa Pork

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There you have it, kiddies, Santa Pork’s short list for Christmas giving. Don’t waste your time looking to see if your name is on this list. It doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice. If you’re an ordinary boy or girl who abides the law and pays your taxes, there is no friggin’ way Santa Pork is ever going to do something to make your life better. Merry Christmas, suckers!

No Mas! Hispanics Sour on Obama Broken Promises

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“If people are not selecting the right plan for themselves, depending on how they need or expect to use the insurance for the upcoming year, it might affect their financial bottom line,” said Luis Chaves of the Pangea Financial Group, who closely follows health care-related issues.

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