Month: September 2013

The Sarge: Was Vietnam an Illegal War?

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Because of our loss in Vietnam, the number of communist “wars of liberation” in Africa, Asia, and South America more than tripled in the 15 years after the fall of Saigon, and millions died as a result.

Gold Stars, Broken Hearts

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Although politics may rage at home, they have chosen to fight, not for a party or a chosen leader, but for the idea of freedom. Parents who raise warriors know that their sons and daughters understand the cost of freedom, and every moment of every day presents an opportunity for that cost to be exacted in blood.

John Bolton: Don’t Overreact to NSA Abuses

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Most important, whatever fixes are made today must not deny America the tools to protect itself from terrorists, their state sponsors, and foreign adversaries, many of which are developing massive cyberwarfare programs. Moreover, the largely preventable or imaginary invasions of privacy pale before security breakdowns that have allowed serious intelligence leaks.

Sarge: Will Obama Run for President in Syria?

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Behind the scenes, President Obama has brilliantly established a new relationship with Iran, working cordially with the new Iranian president. The Iranians agree to take down half of their posters shouting “Death to America.”

Peter Brookes: Time’s on Side of Syria, Iran

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The Assad regime has good reason to fret the use of U.S. force: Sending cruise missiles through the windows of command and control and intelligence facilities and cratering runways would damage its ability to battle the rebels.

The Welfare State: Breeding Contempt, Breeding Monsters

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As a predatory being disdains the weakling as unworthy of respect, no-account government welfare is breeding contempt for those who tolerate its growth and support its insatiable appetites. It’s also breeding a generation of monsters.

The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly: Tales from Vietnam

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The unit went about another 1000 yards and came upon a complex of caves. While exploring these, we found a complete hospital unit and the medicines that were stockpiled where from Berkeley College in California!

Target-Rich, Gun-Free Zones

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It does not have to be that way, but it is and it is going to get much worse. Politicians throughout this country are testing the political winds, posturing and making speeches about how much they care about the victims of this latest round of executions at school.

Is the Threat of Gun Background Checks Preventing Vets From Getting Mental Health Assistance?

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Other gun-control measures such as adding a “background check” tax to gun purchases, and banning the private “transfer” of firearms without a background check, have proved to be irrational and highly problematic.

What is God’s Idea of Perfection?

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To know that God’s Heaven is not people with those whose lives were lived in perfect ease, or perfected bodies, or perfection of circumstance, but rather those who spent their lives following the perfect Light of the Son.

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