Month: August 2013

Response to Huffpo Article “Syria:What Would Reagan Do?”

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If Reagan were in charge, the most recent chemical attack would never have been perpetrated by the Assad regime, because America would have responded fast and hard the first time the “red line” was crossed.

The Sarge on Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

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Then the broke and ran at the same moment in opposite directions, Esker back to where his rifle was, and the NVA all the way to Hanoi, probably. For a few minutes, that which goes on in the killing fields was forgotten, and we learned to laugh again for awhile. God bless you, my brothers and sisters. Take care of one another.

Vietnam: Waters of Death, Rivers of Time

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The deaths of two young people in Vietnam’s murky waters, one in 2011 and one in 1970, both at the age of 22, have left deep impressions in my life.

The Sarge: On Conspiracy Theories

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you want to know what really bugs me about the devoted conspiracy buff? He/she is, in effect, telling the rest of us that causes, virtue, individual initiative, heroism, charity, philanthropy, love of freedom, devotion, loyalty, and even faith and prayer, all are for nothing, because dark forces, and powerful people in secret rooms, control all events and results anyway.

The Ever Despicable Hanoi Jane

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This was done by the Communists that Jane Fonda supported.

The latest spittle in the face of Americans who remember the Vietnam Era, is the news that Fonda has been chosen to play Nancy Reagan in an upcoming film titled “The Butler.”

Colorado Democrats’ Continuing Obsession with Shopping Bag Taxes

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Store owners in cities with plastic bag bans or prohibitive taxes say they’ve seen an increase in shoplifting as more patrons use the reusable bags. One Seattle grocer said, for example, he’s lost thousands of dollars in produce and frozen foods.

The Sarge: Reflections of Vietnam

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Lanh, I am getting old now, and it’s been many years since that dreadful war in your homeland took your precious life. I remember the times we had together (too few), in between patrols and missions, when we talked about getting married.

Why Should We Remember Vietnam?

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There are no other patriotic books for young children written about the Vietnam Era. Emerging generations need to know the stories of heroism and honor that came out of the Vietnam War.

The Lingering Darkness of the Vietnam War

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I was born a disabled boy in a poor and crowded family in Vietnam. More sadly, I was also born to hastily grow up in the circumstances of one of the most bloody and merciless civil wars in the twentieth century, a “century of sorrow.”

The Hero of “Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship” in His Own Words

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Bung Ly, the heroic pilot of the little Cessna O-1 Bird Dog, stood once again on the deck of the USS Midway and recounted the tale of his escape from Con Son Island and rescue by Captain Chambers and his exhausted crew.

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