Month: June 2013

Mormons and the “Equality” Deception: It’s Not Just Politics Anymore

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Although this website is not mainstream, it has been very effective, not unlike the mainstream media, in selling the notion that to fulfill Christ’s commandment to “love one another,” the Mormon Church and its individual members MUST fully accept, affirm, and support homosexuals, bisexuals, and those with sexual identity problems, as members of the church with full fellowship and rights. Beyond that, “Mormons for Equality” and associated groups lobby state governments to eliminate the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman to include homosexuals and their rainbow of sexual arrangements.

Navy Sub Chief proves that America cannot afford to cut its SSBN fleet

Posted by in National Defense, National Security

The Left, which has been after America’s nuclear arsenal for decades and which has always sought to disarm the US unilaterally, has targeted the USN’s ballistic missile submarine fleet for deep cuts, claiming that it’s too big and too expensive and that 8 “boomers” loaded massively with missiles could do the job of nuclear deterrence as well as the Navy’s current 14 boomers or planned 12 boomers could.

Patriot Gals, are You Ready for the Hijab?

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Western women treasure the rights for which their forbears fought. Perhaps too many take their personal liberty and safety for granted. We all must pay attention to the red flags signaling creeping Islamophilia– irrational affection for and trust of Islam, and accommodation of its practices and practitioners–and reject them outright. Islamic women’s fashions are such a red flag, Dressing in hijab, in my humble opinion, is the equivalent of stepping into a cage. Fight to keep Islam, which is not a religion but a political ideology and system of totalitarian government, out of our communities, and out of our closets.

Is it Real, or is it Bull Crap?: Sharpening your “Fallacy” Detectors

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Proof by Lack of Evidence–Proving a negative. For example: “What proof do you have that your daughter didn’t give birth to the baby you call your own?”

The F/A-18E/F Super Bug Cannot Meet Canada/America Defense Demands

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The Super Bug cannot meet any of Canada’s defense needs.

Similarly, in the US, some ignorant people, misled by Boeing advertising and pacifist, anti-defense groups, are calling on the Navy and the Marines to cancel their variants of the F-35 and buy the Super Bug instead. Again, this would be a grave mistake.

Ziggy: Why Amnesty for Illegal Aliens MUST be Stopped

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But they’re dead wrong. The GOP will perish if it adopts their proposals, NOT if it rejects amnesty. That’s because most Hispanics are natural liberals, and giving amnesty (under whatever name) to 12-20 million illegal immigrants from the Third World will create 12-20 million new Democrat voters.

Beaches and Blood: D-Day Remembered

Posted by in American History

These are as ‘voices from the dust,’ men whose time left on the earth is short, but whose legacies merit eternal gratitude and reverence.

The Culture of Educational Non-Performance

Posted by in Culture, Education, Welfare State

Like the wretched parent, enabling a dependent, addicted child, the United States government is furthering policies that will hobble a generation of Hispanics who, having no requirement to perform or compete in the arena of Free Market Capitalism, will lack the skills and knowledge necessary to survive when the government buckles beneath the weight of its own good intentions.


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Half the people in the country voted a man into the office of the Presidency for a second term who is the most unqualified, do-nothing individual to ever hold the office.

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