Month: May 2013

Military Slang for Dummies Book One: FNGs

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Now, when I tell you FNGs to go after a box of grid squares you will do as I say. The same goes for high angle primers. When I tell you to retrieve a T.R. double E. double time, you will not fail.

Just Say NO! to Another National Park: Here’s Why

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Those homes, farming operations, and indeed everything within the “view shed” of this magical mesa may be changed forever.

Mothers: Warriors on Life’s Front Lines

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Wherever childhood shows it’s face, there is a FRONT LINE SOLDIER.
Some fail, some don’t even try.
But most of these lifetime warriors succeed splendidly and thus our species continues on.
Thank you for your lifetime of service.
Thank you Mothers for your lives of sacrifice on the front lines of life.
We stand in AWE of your dedication and love.

America’s Mothers Fight Back

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Women in America

The American mother is not simply a guardian of the nest, but the guardian of liberty as well. Motherhood is not just nurturing the future generation, but preserving the future into which that generation will walk.

Family Jewels to Junk

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Any reference to human genitals carries with it a hint of ribald humor, but “family jewels” once denoted something also of value, to be protected and kept from harm. The modern reference of “junk” unfortunately mirrors a societal cheapening of human sexuality which is regarded as something of fleeting purpose and dubious worth, and in the end, irreverently squalid.

Who Loves “Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship?”

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The true story of Bung Ly and the amazing rescue of his family on the USS Midway is captivating children of all ages.

10 Reasons NOT to Cut Defense Spending

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