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Special Accommodations for Women in Combat?

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Combat is neither predictable nor controlled, and the contenders on the battle field are out to kill you, not enhance your physical and mental prowess. There is no question that women often excel in combat techniques, shooting, and survival. But because women are smaller, weaker, more biologically prone to reproductive and urinary infections, and psychologically distinct from men, the presence of women in ground combat infantry units changes the dynamic–and dilutes the effectiveness of the kill factor.

Ziggy: How GOP Must Approach Foreign Policy

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He’s completely wrong. Firstly, there are no American interests at stake in Afghanistan, and the war over that country is utterly unwinnable. True, American troops are still dying there – but it’s time to stop that waste of American blood by ending the war ASAP. Secondly, Republicans are not engaging in a “scripted apoplexy over Syria, Iran, and China”, they are rightly sounding the alarm over China’s huge military buildup (which long ago exceeded China’s legitimate self-defense needs) and Bashar al-Assad’s genocide of his own people. But I guess that Mr Miller would prefer for American troops to continue to die in the totally irrelevant quagmire of Afghanistan instead of defending America’s Pacific Rim allies (or America’s southern border).

Disabled Children, School Sports, and Why Government is the Problem

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A lot of squishy language is used–and squishy language in the pen of a bureaucrat is a very dangerous thing–such as “provide for opportunities,” and “qualified student with a disability.” But the creepily intimate “Dear Colleague” opening and the nebulous wording of this directive spell nothing but trouble for school administrators everywhere. Galanter’s letter doesn’t define what it means to be “qualified,” nor does it account for the huge spectrum of disabilities that our special needs population may have; from mild Asperger’s Syndrome to Traumatic Brain Injury which leads to complete immobilization.

The Obama Economy: Are We Having Fun Yet?

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Gloating would not be dignified. “I told you so” would be snarky. But their genuine disappointment and concern created the perfect atmosphere for a discussion about our rights to life and property. The following table is an in-depth reality check for my liberal friends whose hopes that Hussein would bring universal peace, unicorns, and ‘kumbaya’ have been dashed.

The Secretary of Treason

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It is also well known that Kerry’s political ambition overshadowed his sense of honor and duty, and that he did everything he could to turn minor injuries into major issues. His third Purple Heart was a ticket out of Vietnam, and he knew it. It wasn’t long after he left the Navy that he launched into the anti-war activities that lead to the destruction of morale among our troops in Vietnam, and extended the incarcerations of many American P.O.W.s held in North Vietnamese prison camps.

Ziggy: Just Say “NO!” to Unilateral Dismantling of Nuclear Arsenal

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New START turned out to be a very bad deal for the U.S. In this treaty, President Obama gave away U.S. leverage on missile defense and strategic weapons. The U.S. has barely anything left to negotiate on tactical nuclear weapons where Russia has a dramatic advantage. The ISAB incorrectly calls them “nonstrategic,” but in reality, any use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield will have strategic consequences.

Book Review: “The Suckiest Generation” by Hamish MacGolly

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I’m a late Baby Boomer, having been born sometime shortly after the Edsel, but I was not personally insulted by MacGolly’s treatise on how my generation destroyed America. Instead, as I read the book while sitting in my cardboard box at the corner of 7th and Main, I had an uneasy feeling that he may be right. Let’s look at the book chapter by chapter to discern how ‘The Suckiest Generation’ went about dismantling ‘America the Beautiful.’

Amputating the Diseased Limb

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As B. Hussein Obama pointed out in his speech yesterday, at least half the nation will not join him in his vision of ‘unity.’ Why?–because his vision of unity consists of the absence of dissent, and his method of reaching that goal is the destruction of God, the Constitution of the United States, and the economic freedom that blesses us with the ability to be independent from the state.

Ziggy: The Obsolescence and Uselessness of Legacy Aircraft

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Remember that even today, with most potential adversaries being equipped with advanced (or even upgraded legacy) Russian and Chinese SAM systems and fighters, which are proliferating globally, US aircraft would, in any plausible war, operate in heavily defended, heavily contested airspace defended by such SAM systems and fighters. This situation will only get worse in the future.


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Many Christians have become hobbled by their faith. Dependence upon God, for some, has become a co-dependence of inaction. Such refuse to act in response to real or perceived evil, first, because they worry that if they do something bold themselves it reveals a lack of faith in God who will provide.

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