Month: December 2012

Ziggy Rebuts CATO/PDA’s ‘Defense Sense’ Proposed Cuts

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In May 2012, the CATO Institute and the extremely-leftist, Massachusetts-based “Project on Defense Alternatives” wrote and published a garbage pamphlet ridiculously titled “Defense Sense” (it should actually have been titled “Defense Nonsense”).


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Did you see that kiddies? Why, it’s as easy as taking your monkey to Ikea! If you haven’t yet had your fill of Orcs, Goblins and Senate Democrats you’ll have to finish the next paragraph of Hobbit Mad Lib-erals!

Ziggy: It’s a Blue Christmas if You’re a National Defense Conservative

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At the same time, Republicans have tolerated, and continue to tolerate, in their ranks pseudo-conservative Congressmen and Senators who support deep defense cuts (indeed, lead campaigns for such cuts), oppose solutions to sequestration, oppose giving American troops what they need, and collaborate with the House’s most strident liberals for that purpose.


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The Star of Bethlehem, the king of all symbols, is the symbol of the King of Kings. May you keep the symbols and traditions of Christmas be in your hearts all year long, as you remember the Savior Jesus Christ and defend His Faith now and always.

Scavenging the Bodies of Children

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Instead of bringing comfort to the stricken, they are scavenging the bodies of those babies like opportunistic animals looking for politically expedient carrion upon which to fatten their ambitions and further their agendas. The government/media complex has managed to turn a small-town tragedy into a national obscenity.

Senator Coburn’s Disastrous Defense Cuts Proposals

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If implemented (God forbid), his proposals would cut over 1 trillion out of the defense budget over the next decade (i.e. over 100 bn every year), and defense would take by far the biggest share of the hits under his plan. All other federal agencies and programs, including the Big Three entitlement programs, would see only small budget cuts by comparison – nothing even comparable to the massacre that Coburn wants to inflict on the military.

Mormon Women and “Dockers Envy”

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The women behind this inseam insurrection are largely young, socially liberal women who have been reared up in the anti-Judeo Christian public school system. Their goal is not “equality.” Equality under the law is the foundation of this country, and the “God is no respecter of persons” form of equality is doctrine in the Mormon Church. This pernicious provocation is an attack on the observances that set people of the LDS faith apart from the morally feeble world.

It’s Unwise to Dismiss the Jin SSBN Class

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This is far better than “a deterrent suitable for the 1960s”. China’s navy already has submarines and missiles that can target America’s West Coast while being relatively close to their homeport, west of 160E, thanks to the JL-2′s 8,000 km range. This is a feat that the Soviet Navy did not achieve until the 1980s.


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Aslan is the central heroic character in C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia books. Aslan is the King and Creator of the realm of Narnia and he takes the form of a resplendent lion. Aslan is the Christ figure who, in a not-so-subtle fashion, is resurrected from death in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

America Must Not Cut its Nuclear Arsenal or SSBN Fleet

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Russia and China are rapidly growing and modernizing their nuclear arsenals, North Korea is perfecting its warheads and missiles, Iran is racing towards nuclear weapons, and what do Western arms control advocacy organizations advocate? That the US disarm itself unilaterally.

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