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This was an attempt at a clever rhetorical trick by Mr. Wallace which associates a person with a word. The less cerebral among us, Liberals, children, will turn that word into an image and superimpose it onto the name and persona of the individual that has been thus labeled.


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It’s nearly 20 years since Gennifer Flowers (and perhaps scores of abused women) would be summarily crushed by Bill Clinton and his sausage grinder political machine, and the culture war is reaching a fever pitch

Food Nazi Backlash

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I will put forth the reasoning that their TV shows are NOT responsible for the obesity/diabetes epidemic in the world. People who eat too much make their own obesity and diabetes.

Twitter, YouTube, Frontier Justice

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It is axiomatic that “if it gets into cyberspace, it will be seen.” Pictures and videos of reactions to rigorous airline policies, bad behavior, and yes, Weiner’s weiner, will inevitably end up on the front pages of blogs and newspapers everywhere.

Public School Gingerbread House

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It sounds like a dark, lurid tale. An evil creature luring little children to a feast. The kiddies get fat and sassy on limitless sweets and meat pies. Fat and sassy, indolent and apathetic, and finally, completely helpless against the terrible fate the evil creature had, all along, designed for them. This is not “Hansel and Gretel,” this is the feeding trough of the public school free food trap.

This or That: Conservatism or Liberalism

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If you were to give some gravitas to that question and actually ask something meaningful you might ask questions like “liberty or tyranny, prosperity or poverty, independence or dependence on government, truth or liberal lies, reason or emotion, life or abortion on demand, the will of God or the will of the self?”

Dads, Friends, Heroes

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I wish I could give him a kiss on this Father’s Day. I’ll just give him a shout out. LOVE YOU DAD. Let’s talk as soon as we can!

My Sharpest Weapon:A Smile

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Netroots, the liberal version of Right Online, a little older, more extreme Left than we are Right, cranky and negative, has been taking place across the street from our hotel.


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It is a good time to be a Conservative. Political correctness is passe. And the truth feels good, very good. It is liberating, finally, for Conservatives to be able to say, with a buttload of empirical evidence to back us up, that there is something just not right with the Left.

Bachmann, Palin, and the Pedestal

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I invite all women to step up and take their place on that pedestal of womanhood. The perspective from up there may just be a little clearer, a little farther into the future.

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